The Ultimate Guide To Marrying a vietnamese woman

When I arrived in Vietnam two years ago, my senses were immediately overwhelmed. There were a shit ton of people on the road, motorcycles everywhere, loud noisy car horns howling and people shouting in the streets. However, for a fraction of a second, my focus shifted, and my eyes caught a beautiful Vietnamese girl as she passed me.

Her beautiful pale skin, her long, silky straight hair and the incredible traditional dress she wore made her look like something from a TV commercial. I quickly fell in love with her, but then my eyes caught another girl as beautiful as she was, and then one by one. I was in heaven!

I knew right away that I had made the right decision to come to Vietnam.

Vietnamese women

Vietnam has a coastline that borders the South China Sea and spans 1,200 miles. Vietnam is a beautiful country where amazing girls and women live. The Vietnamese are friendly and open-minded and welcome you if you decide to visit their country and explore the amazing culture. But maybe you want more than that? Maybe you’re looking for an exotic soul mate who could become your partner, boyfriend and best friend? Is this possible? Just visit the country and indulge in the luxurious hospitality.

Why go out with Vietnamese girls and women?

• Vietnamese women are blessed with a strong personality. This is because most of them have experienced a pretty tough lifestyle.

• They appreciate the honesty and good manners of a true gentleman who is also polite and respectful.

• They are probably the most loyal people in the world.

• With a strong sense of family, they make the most of friends, loving women, and great mothers.

• Although the economic situation seems a little different from that in Western countries, the women of this amazing country are hard workers who enjoy life to the full.

• Although many people consider Vietnam as a playground for fun, we must be aware that Vietnamese women and girls are smart. Most of these beautiful beauties look for a strong relationship with a trusted partner that they can start a family with. So if you visit the country as a sex tourist and look for cheap tensions, that’s all you get. Amateurs will never discover the real jewels because the wise women of this country see directly through your intentions.

How do we date Vietnamese women?

To win the heart of your Vietnamese goddess, whom you found through an international dating site or met in person during a visit to the country, we recommend the following steps. Note that here as in all countries there are many different types of women – some are good and others are just out to take your money. If you are looking for the honest kind of girls, the right princesses, it is best to visit the better areas where you have a better chance of meeting them. You are unlikely to meet the woman of dreams in a cheap, cheap nightclub in Shantytown.

1. Ask her politely to meet you in a decent place in a public place, maybe at a good quality restaurant or bar. It is common for the man to pay for meals and drinks on a date.

2. Show interest. Ask questions about her life, her family and the culture of her country and listen to what she says. Let them see that you are seriously looking at being able to have a strong, loving relationship and at the same time find out if she is the best girl for you.

3. After your first or second date, you can extend the meeting by suggesting a trip around the city, provided you don’t pour into a rainbow! Walking is a great way to talk and is a great opportunity to discuss things that you may have forgotten to talk about for dinner. If you are looking for a serious partnership, it is important to have a little passion for some of life’s most important issues, especially if you are looking for that special soul mate.

4. Give her information about you. Not too much, but you won’t look dull. And remember, always be honest. Lies are discovered at some point and life is turned upside down.

5. Change the conversation. There are many topics to choose from such as music, cinema, places of interest in the city and countryside, culture

In the last twenty years, marrying a vietnamese woman has become slightly more Westernized than most Asian neighbors. However, they are still very different compared to the women in America. Most Vietnamese women and girls are quite traditional and have a strong belief in marriage, so this should be taken into account when meeting the beautiful girl in this amazing country.

The role of sex in Vietnam

These roles have changed many times throughout Vietnam’s history. In the first half of the 20th century, women were given the same rights as men so that they could be employed by the government. However, during the war between northern and southern Vietnam, women were forced to take on many of the roles normally played by men, such as engineering, military, carpentry and many other minor tasks. In 1976, the two countries merged to form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Today, the nation has become much more westernized, and women receive a high level of education which enables them to find good employment, often in leadership positions.

Maybe you don’t feel so attracted to Vietnamese women? If so, you can always try to meet girls from several other Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, Laos, Japan or one of the fascinating countries of Indonesia

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